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Deborah L. Russell, M.D.

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Patient Reviews 

Mary W's Story

I was recently referred to your office for a surgical procedure from Dr. Ash.  I want to express my satisfaction of the whole experience.  The people in the office that I dealt with were amazing.  They were nice, friendly and very accommodating.  I did not have to wait long for any of my appointments and the facility was warm and comforting.

The time I spent at St. Mary’s was also a great experience.  Everyone I had to talk to was great, especially in the recovery unit.  I had two nurses that were the best.  They were good, patient, and nice to my sister and I.  I couldn’t have asked for better care or nurses.

The best part of my whole experience was Dr. Russell.  From my very first appointment, I felt comfortable with her.  Almost like I’ve known her for a long time, like we were friends.  She is positive, happy and I truly believe she likes what she does.  That is refreshing.  She was patient and welcomed all my questions.  She made my sister feel at ease after my surgery.

I don’t think my words are enough to convey how great the whole process was, but hopefully my point is made.  Thank you for everything!!

Mary's Story

After seeing Dr. Deborah Russell to diagnose my situation, she explained my choices for treatment. A hysterectomy was by far the best choice. Dr Russell thoroughly explained her experience with the daVinci procedure. She also provided me with literature and websites to research myself. After reviewing the information, there was no doubt that daVinci was the way to go. Contributing factors to my decision were: less invasive procedure, same day service, and less recovery time.

The day of surgery went better than my family or I expected. I arrived at the hospital at 11:00 AM and walking out the door (no wheel chair-YEAH!!!!) by 7:30 PM. I was able to return home (1.5 hour drive from the hospital) with no discomfort. Under the doctor's Recommendation I took Motrin for 48 hours and never took any other pain medication. The staff informed me that I had no weight restrictions unless I felt it would compromise my recovery. My biggest issue was convincing my family that I could be normal and that I felt great. I took a 2 mile walk on day 3 and a 5 mile walk on the beach 5 days after my surgery. My family, husband and myself were all amazed at my response to the surgery and how phenomenal I felt.

When I reflect on the previous surgeries that I have had, 3 back surgeries, gall bladder removal, and some other minor surgeries, this was no comparison. What a wonderful new medical procedure. I'm so very grateful for Dr Russell, her helpful and informative staff, and the Covenant Harrison Outpatient Service Staff, and especially Pauline, that provided this positive experience and hopefully many more years of good health for me.

Theresa's Story

I have been married for 25 years and have three wonderful sons, 22, 21 and 13 years of age. Since deciding in 2007 not to have any more children, and having been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, I chose to have the [birth control] implants put in and have a hydrothermal ablation (HTA) done. I was having excessive bleeding after one year. Two years later, I had the HTA procedure done again, with great results for only 8 months before I began to bleed once again. After bleeding for 3 months on and off every few days, I decided to get checked again. My local OBGYN suggested a total hysterectomy. This terrified me as I had heard horror stories about taking hormonal supplements. I was scared of the word. My doctor explained that he may be able to do a vaginal hysterectomy and would require a few days stay in the hospital and up to six weeks to recover. If he could not control the bleeding, then it would be required to open me up and complete it and that would take additional time in both the hospital stay and healing time.

I decided to get a second opinion with Dr. Deborah Russell! I felt so confident in her care and she explained that this truly was my best option. She explained the da Vinci method and I was sold. I went in for the out-patient surgery and everyone was so kind and professional. The procedure was completed in about an hour and I was on my way home feeling great the same day! In fact...I felt so great that I stopped for Wendy's chili on the 1 1/2 hour ride home and walked all over our local Walmart for a couple of hours the very next day! The healing time was incredible and I was back to work one week later. I have had zero complications and no pain or bleeding since! I would recommend this procedure to any woman considering this. da Vinci is the only way to go!!

Kimberly's Story

Thank you very much Dr. Russell! The DaVinci surgery was remarkable; very little pain and I was back to work in two weeks. Since the incision was through my belly button--no scarring!! I would highly recommend not only Dr. Russell but this surgical method to anyone.